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Company News >> The requirements of clearance on Hong Kong ARAMEX Saudi Arabia
 The requirements of clearance on Hong Kong ARAMEX Saudi Arabia

Posted: 2017.4.26

Dear Customer:

 Received notice of Hong Kong Aramex, notice of clearance for Saudi Arabian customs as follows:

      In order to facilitate the clearance of goods entering Saudi Arabia, Saudi customs requirements are as follows:

      1. Have the correct and complete information: include the recipient's full name (first, second, third) and the exact address.

      2. Correct and accurate description: the actual product of the goods must be consistent with the consignment note, all false declaration or not clear declaration, will be confiscated by the customs and will be identified as smuggled goods by the Customs.

      3. Invoices and packing lists must be included

     4. For all commercial uses, a copy of the business registration certificate and a certificate of origin are required.

The following categories of goods can not be imported into Saudi Arabian countries:

     1. imitation brand or no Made in the label of the goods will be confiscated by the Customs and Excise Department

     2. Electronic cigarettes and foodstuffs are not allowed to be imported

     3. There are camera features of the watch, CCTV is not allowed to import.

     4. Adult toys and sex supplies are prohibited.

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